Friday, 2 March 2012

Muslim Brotherhood In India :Post Independent Early years & now

Jawaharlal Nehru,the first Prime Minister of Independent India gave a concept of synthesis culture that was also supported by Maulana bul Kalam Azad.A number of scholars including even Muslims do not agree to this thesis."It may be wondered what Nehru and Azad thought of their words when they witnessed the pitiless ferocity with which the supposed'synthesized'Hindus, Muslims,and Sikhs fell on each other during the partition riot"(The Muslim Dilemma by M.R.A.Baig,1974, Page 28).The writer even being a Muslim questioned pointedly - "why did Hinduism fail with Muslims when it succeeded with the Greeks,Scythians,Parthians and Huns"(Ibid.Page 26 )? The politics of communal solidarity was in fact the real cause behind the failure of the Hindus to assimilate the Muslims in Indian society. 
Propagation of the concept of Muslim brotherhood for political gain prevented the crystalisation of harmonious nationhood in the country.The Muslim leaders never took a forceful lead to effect a compromise between their Community members and the Hindu majority of the Muslim society so that both the communities could live peacefully.
Muslim politics in post-Independence India remained dominated by a combined mindset of pre-partition Muslim orthodoxy that believed in political domination of Muslims and those of Aligarh movement who supported the two-nation theory and created Pakistan.They often raise the communal voice of Muslim Brotherhood for Ian slamic solution to all the problems of Muslim society.In the name of Muslim brotherhood they continue to exhibit closed minds on medieval history.They are not ready to understand the contradiction between the spirit of Muslim brotherhood propagated by the Prophet and of Aurangzeb,who had executed his own brother Dara Shikoh only for the throne of Delhi.Ironically,Aurangzeb continues to be the hero of Muslim orthodoxy in India.Ignoring such heinous crime against Islam,the Muslim thinkers ignore the need for assimilation of their community members in the larger space of pluralistic Indian society.The key issue of social peace and harmony could be achieved only if they have a broad meeting of hearts and minds with the nationalist scholars of the larger majority of the land.
"The liberal Islam advocates separation of Islam from social and political life of the Muslims"(Muslims in free India by Moin Shakir, 1972,Page 67).The concept of Muslim brotherhood in any religion is to promote peace,harmony and unity in the society but in the case of Islamic brotherhood in India it is only promoting communal divide,which is detrimental to national interests.The assimilation of Muslims in Indian society does not mean change of faith .It is only to dilute the rulers and ruled syndrome of medieval era being carried forward by the Muslim leaders.That is major foul of those leaders.

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