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Secularism In India and Narendra Modi Cyber Gang in Social Media

Narendra Damodardas Modi is one of the highest uttered word in Indian from 2002 still now. But why he is become most discussed word in India? This question's reply is not simple and giving reply may not be possible for me. So I have tried to find out with a few of my ex students and friends.

Narendra Modi was born on 17th September, 1950 in a lower class family as his father Damodardas Mulchand Modi tea stall keeper. It is heard that he was one of active worker of that tea stall along with his brother. After his schooling, he had joined as worker in staff canteen of Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation at the same bus terminal where his father's tea stall was. Modi got in touch with some RSS leaders in the canteen and he went under training in Nagpur as RSS trainee.In thus way, he entered in sangh parivar which continues till date.However he had completed Master Degree in political scienc from Gujarat University. He was the Gujarat chief of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad at his university period.He become the state general secretary of BJP and won the state election 1995. After some cold war between Shankar Singh Vaghela, he become the top of BJP in Gujarat as well as firebrand leader Sangh parivar.Modi was appointed as a Chief Minister of Gujarat on 7th October 2001 due falling health of his predecessor. The communal violence was brook out among Hindus and Muslims the Godhra incident. A large section of main stream media blame him for supporting rioters from administration but he always denied such charges. Some opposition leaders say if he would willing to control the violence then it would safe 5000+ peoples. After wards , the BJP won third consecutive election in Gujarat and he is still the Chief Minister of the state.

Probably PM candidate:-

It is known to all that Gujarat is on of the developed state in India from pre-independent era to till date due to natural resources as well as workaholic nature of the people. Modi has encouraged the people to do more for success and a section of Gujarati people have got the success which may be one of the idle mantra for Modi. There is no doubt , he is a workaholic and an introvert people who is also interested in poem writing.Finally he has been able to become the chief of national election committee of the BJP which is the way for Prime Ministerial candidature. 

Cyber Gang of Modi:-

He has captured a few hundreds of well established IT professional with his ideology, those are working for him in various social media as well as every publishing platform to praise him. If you go through Twitter, Facebook, Google+,Youtube and a few more then easily get thousands of comments on his support either those carry some sense or not but they make noise. You will not get a single news paper's website where Modi's cyber gang members are absent.

Secularism of Modi:-

A few month ago, I had joined a hangout in Google plus where Modi was main speaker, honestly I had not got the chance to ask question to him but my question was asked by a NRI from US. The query was that what did his view of secularism? Unfortunately, he had given no direct reply on this question and the summery of his reply , India was secular and it is secular and it will be secular. When it was asked cross question about his vision on religion except Hindu then he replied that all can perform their religious tactics on the basis of Hindutava. 

Common people's view on Secularism:-

After that hangout out, I was busy in my personal works but a few days ago this thoughts again come to my mind and have stated deep digging on it. Most people having a trend to favour and work for own his tribe ,religion , and political identities. Secularism is nothing but a mask to hide one's communal feeling. Its very difficult to understand the meaning of Secular and non secular force and I have some confusions.All parties try to exhibit their secular character just to bring all sects of people to their folds. BJP with the inclusion of Muktar Nakvi, Heptullah, Sahnawaj Hussain, is trying to propagate its secularism. The main motto is to capture power via vote bank policy. Congress often shows its non political character although its guided by the policies and principle agendas. So the arguments is some where and the running style is some where.Who is more communal? Narendra Modi or others?

Findings on communal strategies and Narendra Modi:-

1. 2012 Election: 31% of Muslims voted for Modi. 2013 by election. Modi won 6 out of 6 seats held by Congress. Could he do it without Muslim support?
2. Gujarat has 8 Muslim majority MLA seats. 6 of them are won by BJP. Possible without Muslim support?
3. In the last 6 decades of history, the ONLY communal riot-free 10 years was under Narendra Modi's rule.
4. Out of the 6 major communal riots of Gujarat, Congress was in power during 1969, 87, 89, 90 and 92. Crores looted. 1000s of Muslims killed. Forget charge sheets, no FIRs also exist on records. But for 2002 riots under BJP govt, 200+ Hindus arrested and 150 serving life sentences. See the difference? Not a single criminal, involved in 1983 Asom (Nellie), 1993 Assam (Bodoland) and 2012 Assam (BTAD) massacres, was punished. Victims of Gujrat riot have been compensated but in Assam it is denied yet.
5. Those who parade 2002 riots as "anti Muslim" BJP policy, do not question 1964 Bihar, 1980 UP (Moradabad), 1969 Gujarat (Ahmedabad), 1983 Asom (Nellie), 1993 Assam (Bodoland), 2012 Assam (BTAD), 1989 Bihar (Bhagalpur), 1993 Maharashtra (Mumbai). All these had more Muslim deaths than 2002 Gujarat. All these had Congress governments.
6. After the 1984 Sikh slaughter in Dilli, Rajiv Gandhi brushed off the death toll with "big Tree Falls" speech. Why no Human Rights group speaks against that Congress leader?
7. Actor Salman Khan's father Salim asked: "Mumbai 1993 was no less violent than Gujarat 2002. Can you tell which party's CM was ruling Maharashtra then?" 
8. Gujarat's Maulana Vastanvi: "The community that benefited most from Modi's inclusive development is that of Gujarati Muslims"
9. Maulana Mehmood Madani of Jamatul Ulema e Hind: "Compared to other states, Muslims in Gujarat are much happier"
10. Maharashtra's ex IGP SM Mushrif to Milli Gazette paper: "Today the most safe place for Muslims is Gujarat"
11. Kerala's VV Augustine, member of National Minority Commission: "Poor Muslims' economic status in Gujarat has improved the most. How can I deny that?"
12. In Sabarmati Riverfront Project, 13000 families got displaced. 68% were Muslim. But every one of them is provided apartment now. Modi did NOT discriminate. In Assam 93-94 Bodoland riot victims are still residing in refugee camps. But the conspirators are rewarded.
13. Gujarat's Haj quota is 3500. But now 41000 applications already in place. Shows how Gujarati Muslims have become financially well off.
14. Muslims form less than 10% of Gujarat's population. But 18% of RTO registration of 2 wheelers are by Muslims. Their 4 wheeler registration also is higher than the population. 12% police are Muslims. 10% of Government jobs held by Muslims.
15. Finally, Gujarati Muslims are more well off financially and much safer in 2013, than EVER in their history.

Final thoughts form Author:-

I am neither a political author nor a politician and honestly never accept membership from any political party. But my personal sympathy will always with those people who are doing better job for common people either Hindu ,Muslim ,Sikh or any. As an Indian citizen, these are my own view in present Indian political scenario. 

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  1. It’s no secret that among Indian politicians, few enjoy the popularity on social media that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi does. And he’s set the agenda for the Maharashtra unit of the party after his first visit since becoming a party’s campaign chief, telling them to get him social media addresses of 1 lakh people from each of the 48 Lok Sabha seats in the state.

    The BJP’s new campaign chief reportedly laid down a five point agenda for the state unit of the party telling them to collect social media addresses from all the constituencies of the state, including those that would be contested by ally Shiv Sena’s candidates.
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