Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Why these communal violence against innocent Muslim in Kokrajhar,Assam

Assam is the second highest Muslim populated state in India when first on the list is Jammu & Kashmir.We have already discussed about the Mia Muslim peoples history in Assam and their legalization of Indian citizenship .As it is mention that all are genuine Indian citizen but they are being harassed and cold blooded killings occurred time to time,This question has asked by the The All Assam Minority Students Union(AAMSU)which is the only pro Muslim student union in Assam.
As it is reported by the REUTERS that Communal violence in Assam's Bodoland area continued unabated in Kokrajhar and Chirang districts Monday,while also spreading to new areas.With the toll now 27,the administration has issued shoot-at-sight orders in Kokrajhar and extended night curfew indefinitely in both districts.

Out of the 27 deaths,23 were reported from Kokrajhar and four in Chirang.The violence also affected train services with three express trains due to pass through the area stopped at an earlier station for security reasons.[Images credit:Associated Press]
1.Assam Government's reaction on Kokrajhar violence:-
"We saw miscreants burning down village after village on Monday,"said a senior police officer who asked not to be identified."It's total madness going on here. People have lost their senses."About 50,000 villagers have fled their homes and taken shelter in relief camps out of fear since then,said Donald Gilfellon,a senior civil servant in the Kokrajhar district,adding that 37 camps had been set up to help the refugees and that more would be opened if needed.Schools and government buildings are getting over-crowded.More and more people are coming, we have given up counting,"said another district civil servant,who requested not to be named. On the other hand,Assam Forest Minister Rockybul Hussain and Food and Civil Supplies Minister Nazrul Islam visited some of the violence-affected areas of Kokrajhar district Monday and reviewed the law and order situation but it is so mournful that they have shown their helpless conditions as they can not do any thing for the affected people.
2.Why this anti Muslim violence:-

The latest wave of violence was sparked on Friday night when unidentified men killed four youths with heavy armed in the state's Bodo tribe-dominated Kokrajhar district near the borders of Bangladesh and Bhutan,police and district officials said.In retaliation, armed Bodos attacked Muslims,suspecting them to be behind the killings.
3.Critics analysis on former militant till with heavy armed:-
BPF is ruling the Bodoland Territorial Council(BTC)which runs the administration of the BTAD areas in Assam,those are so called former militants.Here is an query has raised that how the so called administration will ask to un arm,the people for whom they come to power?It is known to all that Bodo militant had killed 34,000 Muslim people in 1993 violence in that same area.These are the people had killed them who are now in power of BTDA area.So Government of Assam has have to do some thing to safe the rest people of BTAD other wise all will be killed those are non Bodo.They don't want any reason,just want Hitlar type clean Bodoland.
4.Why they are refugee in own country:-
When we have visited the affected area with a restriction district administration,we have tried to meet a few affected people,"We can't think of going back home.Our village is vulnerable to attacks and the government failed to give us protection,here too we are not safe"A higher educated young girl(Phd student)has cried and said in a refugee camp in Kokrajhar town where she was staying with relatives for shelter.Yes,shelter camps were also brunt and all the people were killed in same BTAD in last time violence.
5.Pro Muslims organization:-
Only a few organizations and political parties have condemned the fail of law and order situation in BTDA because affected peoples are Muslim.Where main opposition party in Assam Assembly has taken a few steps to safe the lives of people but those are not sufficient.AAMSU,the only pro Muslim organization has taken a few steps with their limitations.AAMSU had also called a 24-hour shutdown in the district Monday in protest against the violent attacks of minority community in Kokrajhar and Chirang districts,which is partially successful.
Why the innocent Muslim people are killed in vain?When the holy Ramadan is going on but they are being killed without any reason.The poor people has nothing to eat,nothing shelter,how they survive as a human being! We feel sorry for the human rights group in Assam,India or globally those are talking about it,where they are ? or they don't acknowledge it human right violation because the affected people are Muslim ???

Thursday, 5 July 2012

American Congressman André Carson Believes That American Schools Should Be Like Madrassas

Islamic life foundation is more strong and clean which is proved once more.Indiana(USA) Congressman André Carson Believes American Schools Should Be Like Madrassas which bears a strong value of life.Congressman Andre Carson,has suggested some interesting ideas on how to improve the American education system. 

He also added that the Madrassas involve the teaching of the Holy the Koran.American Schools should be modeled after Madrassas,where the foundation is the Holy Koran.America will never tap into educational innovation and ingenuity without looking at the model that they have in Muslim Madrassas,in their schools where innovation is encouraged.Where the foundation is the Koran.Andre Carson said at the ICNA-MAS convention at the end of May.
It has a winning bell for the Muslim world because particularly Americans hated the Muslims and their culture but now they agree that Muslims bear the highest quality of human civilization and they are willing to follow the Islamic education system.