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Fake Stories of illegal immigration of Bangladeshi nationals Into India

Anowara Begum(Dhanbanda,Barpeta)is one of the victim of a fake Stories of Bangladeshis Intruding Into India which is revealed by the Ho'ble Gauhati High Court.

 It is observed that it has become a fashion for some of the Indian politicians and columnists to make allegation of illegal immigration of Bangladeshi nationals into the northeastern states of India in general and Assam in particular.Ex Assam Governor S.K. had Singha alleged that about 6000 Bangladeshi nationals enter Assam everyday.
1.Back stage of foreigners issue:-
The effort was made to divert the attention of the exploited and deprived people of Assam to such an issue 'foreigners' which is popular to the ethnic Assamese.Some in the media also jumped on the issue.How a state Governor could blame a neighboring country in such an indecent and irresponsible way.Why didn't the Indian intelligence and security forces that beset the state could detain the Bangladeshis?
2.What the fake foreigners statistics:-
According his statistics 1,80,000 Bangladeshis enter Assam every month and in a year the figure will stand at 12,96,000.According to the census of 2001,the total population of Assam was 2,66,55,528.Among them,according Indian media, the Muslims constitute 30 per cent of the total population of the state.If so,their number now should be around 79,96,659.If one year's intrusion is added,the present number of the Muslims should reach at 92,56,659.According to the census of 1991 Muslims were 63,73,204. Indian government and its media now point their fingers at the Muslims when they refer to the term'infiltrators'in India,though there prevails strong anti-infiltrator sentiment and campaign in all the states of northeast. Muslims were about 40% when Assam was merged with India in 1947.Their sizeable presence was in existence even before the advent of the British.
3.Reality of Mia Muslim In Assam:-

 Muslims were never infiltrators in Assam.The Muslims of today in Assam are not immigrant or outsiders,rather most of them are the sons of the soil.After fall of Gurgobinda in the 14th century,many Ahom people adjoining Sylhet converted to Islam.During the British period, thousand of Bengali speaking Muslims were brought to and settled in Assam to bring arable lands under cultivation.The descendants of these Muslims now form 30% of the total population of Assam.These descendants of those Bengali speaking Muslims forgot their language and culture,but not their religion.This new generation Muslims of Assam feel pride to identify themselves Assamese,treat Assam as their motherland,use Assamese language in their daily life,sending their children to schools where Assamese is the medium of instruction. Other than their religious activities they are hundred per cent Assamese.They cannot be branded as foreigners or Bangladeshis.So it is itself illegal and unjustified and mere violation of human rights to brand and harass the Muslims in Assam as illegal,outsiders or infiltrators.Moreover it is impossible for the Bangladeshis to enter Assam is such a massive way.Entrance of six thousand Bangladeshis daily means Assam border is opened for all.But the reality is just opposite.
4.Impartial columnist Ajay Suri reports:- 
An Indian columnist Ajay Suri reported:After Kashmir,the Northeast India has the maximum concentration of intelligence personnel.Apart from Military Intelligence,BSF's own G-branch (its intelligence wing) is active in the region.Also,more than 500 Intelligence Bureau (IB)officials are stationed permanently here,and the Research & Analysis wing(RAW)has its men even in Bangladesh link On the other hand,Assam is one of the most densely soldiered regions in the world.It is really difficult to mention the accurate figure of security agencies that are deployed in Assam,India.To avert the hue and cry in home and abroad, intentionally keep this information secret. According to press reports,at least,one lakh soldiers of Indian Army are deployed in Assam. Six battalions of BSF,10 battalions of CRP, five companies of the Punjab Police Commandos, one battalion of State Rifles have been deployed in the state.The number of other forces cannot be ascertained.One can have an easy idea how much of them are there,if one looks into so many security agencies besides the armed forces in India.Just look at their names and figures(Ministry of Home Affairs, link BSF:Organization - total 157 battalions Artillery -7 BSF Artillery Regiments Water Wing Air Wing Signals Regiment 10 Frontier Headquarters 39 Sectors Assam Rifles:41 battalions 3 Maintenance Groups Signal Unit Construction Company 9 Range Headquarters Indo-Tibetan Border Police:29 battalions (4 specialist Battalions)over 35,569 personnel 755 Officers Other Paramilitary Forces:Coast Guard Rastriya Rifles Special Frontier Force Central Reserve Police Force Home Guards Intelligence Agencies:National:Research and Analysis Wing Intelligence Bureau Joint Intelligence Committee Intelligence Agencies:Military: Aviation Research Centre(ARC).If so,their number now should be around 79,96,659.If one year's intrusion is added,the present number of the Muslims should reach at 102,56,659. According to the census of 1991 Muslims were 63,73,204.
Have you ever seen those millions of Muslim Bangladeshis sleeping on the streets of Guwahati,Calcutta and Mumbai.The Bangladeshis aliens infiltrating into India to make a living in Assam or they are moving to the real urban cities.I think this will give you an idea about the stupidity of the author whilst presenting those figures and those presenting Bangladeshi illegal immigrants entering India is a everyday event,the streets of Guwahati are flooded with them.I am sure that there is no such incident in Assam if there is any a few that is fully normal to comparison to any other country of the world. 

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East Bengal Rooted Mia Muslim Politics In Assam Post Independent Period

Assam is one of the most beautiful states of our country with blue hills,green valleys and the majestic river Brahmaputra.It stands virtually unrivalled in respect of the variety of her natural resources and the diversity of population. 

The Brahmaputra valley has witnessed a variety of historical upheavals.There is large concentration of Muslim population on both sides of Brahmaputra.Here a study about East Bengal Rooted Mia Muslim Politics In Assam Post Independent Period.
1.Who are Mia Muslim:-
Muslims of Assam,especially Bengali Muslims have been largely engaged in the agriculture growth of Assam from the very beginning and are still contributing to the largest quantity of agriculture products such as rice,wheat and tea. Muslim settlement in Assam can be traced as far back as 1206 A.D when the Turks were defeated in their attack on Kamrup.In 1257 A.D Tugril Khan attacked Kamrup but failed to win it.He built first mosque in Assam in North Kamrup.In 1448 A.D Nawab Hussain Shah of Gaur succeeded in capturing Komalpur and appointed his son the administrator.During Mughal attacks Muslim population rose in Assam.The immigration of Muslims from other regions especially Bengal has taken place over a long period of time. As early as in 1874 A.D Lord Northbrook was approached by about one hundred signatories belonging to the Assamese middle class desiring an increase of the population of Assam by importing people from outside.
2.Why Mia Muslim in Assam:-
By all accounts,one can see that Muslims have been living in Assam for a very long time.Their contribution to the economy of Assam has been tremendous and it will not be right to dub such people as"foreigners".The contribution of the immigrant Muslims has been acknowledged by all open minded people of Assam.Muslims have been made the largest single contribution towards the economic advancement of the state but they have never received a fair deal either from the government or from Assamese society and are looked down upon when they speak Bengali.(Dev. B.J and D.K Lahiri,Muslims of Assam: Politics and Cohesion,p.18).
3.What History says about Mia Muslim:-
Through the election process,Muslims took an interest in politics and tried to participate in the political life of Assam with full confidence.In the first Congress coalition government in the state,formed in September 1938,Gopinath Bardoloi had included three Muslims in the ministry.In 1946,Bardoloi had two Muslims in his ministry.All the subsequent Congress ministries had sound Muslim representation.In this way the second biggest majority,has always been in the government machinery getting their representation from different political parties.It was not possible for any government of Assam to ignore them.
4.Assam agitation & Mia Muslim:-
There was great turmoil in Assam in the early eighties.The agitation which was launched against the so-called foreigners had reached its peak.Late Prime Minister Mrs.Indira Gandhi had a spate of meetings with the leaders of All Assam Student Union(AASU).Security of Muslims was in her mind and she wished to see that they live in Assam peacefully.After the death of Mrs Gandhi,the next Prime Minister,Rajiv Gandhi entered into an agreement with the AASU.Assam accord resulted in the end of the prolonged agitation of the AASU.
5.Present status of Mia Muslim:-
Since the very beginning,Muslims in Assam supported Congress party as it was the only secular political party of national importance. On October 2,2005,the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi,Maulana Badruddin Ajmal al Qasmi founded a new political party,the Assam United Democratic Front.In the April-May assembly elections of Assam,AUDF won ten seats but in the process.In several other constituencies AUDF failed to win but facilitated victory of right wing parties due to division of the Muslim votes.Emotional politics of Badruddin Ajmal sidelined mainstream politics of the Muslims of Assam.It has become a fashion to float small parties.Some desire fame while some are result of rebellion in other national parties.All these Muslims including Badruddin Ajmal dream about changing the society in one night.Candidates of these tiny political parties hope of victory in the elections but end up only cutting the votes of secular parties like Congress.There are also some who float parties just for creating nuisance normally backed by communal elements whose only aim is to divide Muslim votes.Such ulterior motives should be understood by the community.
Congress government at the centre appointed Sachar Committee and its report has focused the attention of the community to the issues of socio-economic backwardness and unity with the backward section of the society.It is a formidable challenge to the secular-democratic section of the community to stay focused on issues of social justice and equality.Sachar Committee Report has the revolutionized whole concept of the policy making towards Muslims. Since the report saw the light of the day,the government has launched several fresh schemes which are benefiting Muslims.It is high time that assembly elections of Assam should not be viewed just as "another"election.For sustainable development,it is very much important that in the state and at the Centre,the same party remain in power.There are two ways of dealing with any issue,one by heart and sentiments and the other by logics and mind.For the Muslims of Assam,it is must that small Muslim political outfits like AUDF should not be supported.Support to such political parties will ultimately strengthen the hands of right wing communal parties a few of Muslim leaders thoughts and which has become true.On the other hand support to Congress will weaken communalists and will bestow upon the Congress the moral responsibility to speed-up community welfare measures which have begin after release of Sachar Committee Report.M. Badruddin Ajmal lead AIUDF has managed to bag 18 seats in Assam Assembly election last year which has become more jealous to self styled guardians of Assamese people. 
Muslims of Assam are standing on a crossroad. They have to decide their future course of action.Congress is still best bet for them.If they will take opposite stand then their doom is not far away as the sword of "foreigner" is hanging on their heads which is till going to become true.But one thing we have agree that AIUDF like party will arise the core issues of Mia Muslim which are ignored by the past governments.Government takes a few steps to solve those issue in the fear of AIUDF.

2.Main Uddin
3.Shazida Khatun

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10 Key Factors Of The Failure Of The The Muslim World In Modern Age

The Muslim world with its vast resources manages to maintain a recurrent interest from economists,thinkers and policy makers.The Muslim world since the end of the Ottoman Empire has had its borders drawn and redrawn after numerous coups and foreign involvement.

 The Muslim world includes the Arabian Peninsula,Turkey,North Africa,Pakistan, Bangladesh and the south eastern countries of Malaysia and Indonesia.Here 10 Key Factors Of The Failure Of The  The Muslim World In Modern Age.
1.Development economics is a branch of economics,which deals with how simple forms of organization can transfer to complex forms of organisation and production.Development is seen as the ability to increase production without any consideration applied to its distribution. Economists do make a distinction between growth and development–growth is seen as more of the same goods and services whilst development is the structural and technological infrastructure behind the production.In terms of GDP,the measurement used to calculate the value of total production of goods and services,the Muslim world is second only to China with growth rates of 7% in some countries.These are growth rates most European countries would be proud of however reading between the figures reveals many problems.
2. If we define development as the building of the necessary infrastructure to fulfil the basic needs of the people such as food, clothing shelter,security and education,here the Muslim worlds comes in at he bottom of the list.Wealth in the Muslim world suffers from huge miss distribution,the Middle East relies heavily upon oil revenue’s therefore it is affected greatly by changes in oil prices.Very little oil revenue actually trickles down to the population but rather ends up in US bank accounts.Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud of the Saudi monarchy is valued at over $20 billion with half of his wealth invested in the US.In the Arab world one in five Arabs still live on less than $2 a day.And,over the past 20 years,growth in income per head,at an annual rate of 0.5%,was lower than anywhere else in the world except sub-Saharan Africa.In Pakistan 40% of land is in the hands of 23 families. Government investment in infrastructure and public services is minimal considering the large population of the Muslim world.Its autocratic rulers,whether presidents or kings, give up their authority only when they die,its elections are at a best a farce,half of the Muslim world is treated as lesser legal and economic beings,and more than half the young, burdened by joblessness and stifled by the use of Islam by the few want to get out of their country as soon as they can.
3. The role IMF and World Bank in countries such as Pakistan,Turkey,Indonesia,Bangladesh and Egypt has directly aided some of the underlying economic problems.The general solution provided by such institutions is the engaging of trade to climb out of poverty and for development.In reality there are a number of obstacles placed by the developed nations that ensure developing nations will never reach a level where they can compete.What this actually means is that Western goods should be imported rather than allow imports from poorer countries.The theory is that only via trade will nations pull themselves out of poverty.Whilst encouraging the third world to lower their market barriers such as tariffs and quotas on various goods,the Western nations do not do the same for their markets.Western economies have not been developed by such subscribed policy,as outlined by Dr Ha Joon Chang in his book“Kicking away the ladder.”The recent failure of the Doha round of talks in Geneva has clearly shown the unwillingness by Europe and the US to lower its trade barriers whilst at the same time lobbying India and China to remove their barriers.
4. This situation in the Muslim world stems from the colonial era and is summed up best by David Fromkin,Professor and expert on Economic History at the University of Chicago “Massive amounts of the wealth of the old Ottoman Empire were now claimed by the victors.But one must remember that the Islamic empire had tried for centuries to conquer Christian Europe and the power brokers deciding the fate of those defeated people were naturally determined that these countries should never be able to organize and threaten Western interests again. With centuries of mercantilist experience, Britain and France created small,unstable states whose rulers needed their support to stay in power.The development and trade of these states were controlled and they were meant never again to be a threat to the West. These external powers then made contracts with their puppets to buy Arab resources cheaply, making the feudal elite enormously wealthy while leaving most citizens in poverty”
5. From this short exposition it can be seen the Muslim world suffers from a number of economic woes and this has been the case since WW1. However a distinction must be made between the symptoms and the actual causes.
6. Due to the Muslim world not implementing rules from an ideology,they have been unable to unify the populace,with many policies being time specific and usually motivated by the political climate at the time.The unfortunate result of this is that a whole host of contradictory policies are applied within a nation.This point cannot be stressed enough, unless you convince the populace with consistent coherent policies you will never have them work for such a vision.An example of this is what Hitler achieved with the German economy.Germany was humiliated after WW1 with repatriation payments,Russia was occupying parts of East Germany,40% of the population unemployed and inflation at 230% a month. Hitler began a programme of utilising nationalism to mobilise the masses which led to the degrading scenario they were in being considered as requiring change.He began a 5 year programme where he would develop a self-sufficient economy,which would be expansionist so it could gain all the raw material needed to put Germany on the map again.He fixed the prices of essential goods to ensure the population was fed,Germans were prepared to give up making profits to ensure they actually received basic necessities.Hitler then sold his vision to German industrial heavyweights showing them how they could profit from his vision and stabilise the country.The result of this was that Volkswagan,Siemens and other big players produced the required heavy machinery, which created jobs,which meant the population actually after a decade had disposable income. During WW2 one of the reasons the allies found it difficult to deal with German military was the fact they had multiple production plants which contributed to the war effort,when one was bombed production moved to another plant.
7. Although in no way do I subscribe to Hitler’s end objectives however the model he used of vision,receiving the backing of industry champions and leading the nation in one unified direction is something the Muslim rulers can learn from.This most certainly means they need to remove the influence of western interference,weather this is the army in Pakistan,Turkey or Egypt or politicians and political parties in Syria,Saudi Arabia and Sudan.
8. As Islam is the only common denominator between everyone in the Muslim world,as it is the deen they have all adopted,extreme actions like Hitler’s are not needed.Islam has a glorious history in the region and propelled the Muslims from the deserts of Arabia to the far reaches of the earth.This would be the place to begin deriving economic policies for the Muslim world.These policies would be accepted by all Muslims as they are from Islam and would actually bring confidence in the Islamic rules once people see they can work.It would also be the best way to carry dawah to the world.
9. Practically this means a set of policies which deal with trade,ownership,companies, public finance,investment,currency and poverty elimination would need to all be derived from the same foundations which would ensure no contradictions occur in economic policies.All foreign policies from Socialism,the Capitalist free markets,Nasserism,Kemalism and any other ‘ism’should be rejected.Islam has a number rules for the policies mentioned and this will Inshallah form the subjects in future articles.
An example to show the success of the Islamic model is the economic policies of the Abbasids who become leaders of the Muslims in 750:-
“After the defences of the city(Baghdad)were complete attention turned to how the Abbasids would feed not just Baghdad but the whole empire considering its enormous population.The development of agriculture under the Abbasids was a phenomenon,the scarcity of water had converted the barren Arab lands into a vast desert,which had never yielded any substantial agricultural produce.The scattered population always imported supply of food grains to supplement the dates and the little corn grown in their own lands.The Abbasids dealt with this by first controlling the flows of the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers.The Irrigation system in the land was greatly improved by digging a number of new canals,the largest flowed between the Tigris and Euphrates.This led to navigation routes opening to India and the Persian Gulf. The Abbasids reconstructed the existing canals, lakes,and reservoirs,which were first built under Hajjaj Bin Yusuf in 702.After this the swamps around Baghdad were drained,freeing the city of malaria.Muslim engineers perfected the waterwheel and constructed elaborate underground water channels called qanats. Requiring a high degree of engineering skill, qanats were built some fifty feet underground with a very slight inclination over long distances to tap underground water and were provided with manholes so that they could be cleaned and repaired.The result of this was the Abbasids set in motion an agricultural revolution,which stimulated development in other parts of the economy.”

10. Muslim nations have no clear conception and connection with any matter or issue.Normally they are quarelling with each other.So non Muslim nations take the advantages on development.

2.muslims should reach unity

Key Factors & The Most Pressing Problems For The Present Muslim World

According to infoplease.com profile of the world,the estimated distance of world area is 510.072 million sq.km. with 148.94 million sq. km. being land area,while 361.132 million sq. km. is water.79.9% of the world is water, whereas 29.1% is land.However,in today’s technology, distance would not even matter.The world has become much smaller and one can know very much of what is going on around the globe quickly with modern means of communication. With all the technology science,health,and sophistication that we reached,there are immense problems in the world.Among the most pressing issues are war,violence,diseases, poverty,and human rights violations/ repressions. 

 The nations of the world,Western,Muslims and others alike share these problems generally. Here Key Factors & The Most Pressing Problems For The Present Muslim World.
The Western World
The western world made tremendous progresses in terms of tackling these above issues.Overall, the societies of these nations are enjoying stable life at least materialistically.They are in the process of providing security,rights, food and health care for every citizen in their countries.We know for example,in the United States,all these above are the rights of its entire people.
The Muslim World
The Muslim world faces the challenges of war, poor healthcare,poverty and violations of human rights,illiteracy,lack of progress, dictatorship,lack of political transparency, ethnic conflict,and regional divisions. Illiteracy is a problem in majority of Muslim countries.We know all these problems are interconnected.The lack of literacy leads to lack of progress,and lack of progress leads to lack of development,which leads to dictatorship ,which in turn leads to lack of political transparency,which also leads to power struggles that lead to regional divisions and ethnic conflict.Majority of the Muslim world today is characterized by these aliments. This can raise a legitimate question of why the Muslim world is behind its Western counterpart. Is it because of Islam? Unless one knows the history of the world,the true examples of Muslim leaders,the difference between Islam and culture – it is hard to know why the Muslim world is so behind the Western world.Thus, Islamophobes blame Islam as the cause of the backwardness of Muslim nations.But the reality is contrary to that.Islam is a religion of progress,innovation,and development.It is a religion of every generation,time,and location. It is a religion of civilization,it is a way of life.
It must be noted that the Islamic Caliphate collapsed in 1924.Naturally when a civilization collapses,another one rises.When Europeans took the power,unlike the Islamic Caliphate,they created a new imperial power engaged in slavery and colonization.In fact,the Islamic Caliphate almost eradicated these practices after the Romans and Persians.The European conquerors focused a lot on the Middle East,Africa,and South America.They did not conquer the lands only,but they enslaved the people as well.They divided the same native and homogeneous nations into enclaves and different nations.In the 1950s,there were uprisings for independence against these colonial powers.After heavy struggles,the colonial powers were forced to leave many countries.However,they only left physically but stayed there intellectually and psychologically.In other words,they handed the rule and the government affairs to their chosen representatives or puppet regimes.Thus,the people in many countries never got real independence.
This actually creates a contradictory situation of government against its people and people against their government.People see the government as their number one enemy,while the government sees its own people as enemies. This led the government to not allow any political parties other then the ruling party. Corruption,totalitarian dictatorship and deprivation of basic human rights such as education,freedom of speech,free enterprise, political participation,to name a few became the normal practice of governments.Sadly,the people attack and see the government property as stolen from them.People loot the school and hospital equipments because of the resentment against their government.
Therefore,when the government and its people are not cooperative in running their affairs and there is dishonesty,chaos and lack of development become the norms for these countries.This leads to low human development index,which is measured by three indicators – life expectancy at birth,(long and healthy life),literacy,and income.The majority of Muslim nations fall in the low middle or bottom of the list in all these indicators according to the UN report on Human Development Index.In United Nations report in 2009 on least and most corrupted nations,again majority of Muslim countries fell in the top of the list for corruptions.The UN report on 2006 of the most and least livable countries in the world,again none of the Muslim countries made the list of most livable countries.IslamicGlory.com reported the following statistics,even though the reality on the ground may be different than what the statistics show,nevertheless,there are immense co-relations between these statistics and conditions of Muslim countries.
In the entire Muslim World (57 Muslim Countries),there are around 500 universities. On the other hand,there are 5,758 universities in the USA alone,and 8,407 universities in India.In a research done by the UNDP in 2004, not one university in the entire Muslim world was featured in the top 500 ranking universities of the world.Literacy in the western world,predominantly Christian,is 90%, whereas the literacy of the Muslim world is 40%.Furthermore,98% of these predominantly Western countries completed at least primary education,whereas only 50% of Muslim countries completed primary education.Similarly,40% of western countries attended university,whereas only 2% of Muslim countries attended university.The Muslim majority countries have 230 scientists in every one million people, whereas,USA alone has 5,000 scientists in every one million. Muslim countries spend on research 0.2% of their GDP,whereas,Western countries spend 5% of their GDP on research.There is a huge gap on the number of sick people to the number of doctors.For example,in Indonesia, there are about 10,000 patients for every one doctor,whereas,in Spain,there are about 500 sick people for every one doctor.In 1995,the average yearly income per citizen in Pakistan was $300,whereas in Britain it is more than $ 12,000.Registered patent in 1995 in Egypt is 77,whereas it is 7,652 in Israel.
The majority of the responsibility for this lack of human development in Muslim countries is to be blamed on Muslims themselves. After all,these are their countries and their affairs.However,what is shocking is the hypocrisy and double standard of the United States Policy towards these courtiers.Even though,the conditions of majority of Muslim countries are the same,we will take Egypt as an example because of the recent Revolution. President Hosni Mubarak ruled Egypt for about 30 years before he was forced out by popular uprising in February,2011.During those 30 years,America had five Presidents.We know Hosni Mubarak was a repressive,authoritarian dictator,who killed,tortured,imprisoned,and exiled thousands of his own people,while he kept millions of others in sub-humane conditions.The Egyptian people rose up to Mubarak’s regime after many years of humiliation.In this uprising for basic life, hundreds were killed while thousands were injured.American ABC television reported that Mubarak’s family may have up to 70 billion dollars and his assets were scattered around the world –from New York,Los Angeles, California,Dubai,Landon and Paris.Five Million Egyptians live in the dead city in inadequate houses.The average Egyptians work for $400 a month and if Mubarak’s 70 billion dollars were divided among 80 million Egyptians,each will get $843.The United States reiterated numerous times that Hosni Mubarak is a key ally of stability in the region.This shows the United Sates deception on the claim for democracy and pro-human rights.In reality,American politicians work behind the scenes on ways to keep Mubarak until they find replacement for another 30 years.On the other hand,they dishonestly put on the headlines the message of fear of the Muslim Brotherhood participating in the political process.What if the Egyptian people chose the Muslim Brotherhood in fair election? Isn’t the Muslim Brotherhood part of the fabric of Egyptian society? In the worst scenario,is the Muslim Brotherhood farther than the Tea Party in the US elections? This indicates that the US administration is enjoying the suffering of millions of Egyptians who live on a $1 a day in sub-poverty levels, thousands of Egyptians to be illiterate, hundreds of Egyptians to die from preventable diseases,millions more to be unemployed,and thousands of human activists,innocent citizens, political figures to be tortured,abused,exiled and their basic human rights denied.
What the American government does not understand is that the Muslim world will never be the same again.First,technology has made communication more effective.For example,the Egyptian people tried to revolt many times in the past, but they did not get the means for the outside world to hear.But at this time Al-Jazeera,Facebook,Twitter,and Google to name a few – made it possible to organize the movement for change.Second,the Muslim world has a large number of young people,with technological skills.So,they will never accept to live in sub-human conditions while their Western counterparts enjoy freedom.Third,the USA’s credibility in the Muslim world is really at stake for its unethical preemptive wars and renditions.Thus,the US needs to re-evaluate its policy towards these countries.The puppet regimes in the Middle East are getting old,and they are despised by their people.Replacements which the West and Israel are trying to find will not be accepted by young Muslim generations.They will only accept representative government that comes to power through free and fair elections.

1.Abdikadir Ibrahim::Muslim world at present
2.Dr.Abdulaziz Othman Altwaijri,Director General of ISESCO: Present Muslim Nations