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Real Time Update In Political & Cultural History Of Assamese Muslim Is Mixed Up With MIA Muslim

Assam is a State in India which has second largest Muslim Population after Jammu & Kashmir.Recent census says that the data bellow:-
Total Population:27 million
Hindus:13 million
Bengali Muslims:7.8 million
Assamese Muslims:2.5 million

The majority of the population of Assam,a state in northeast India,is Hindu.But Muslims are very present in Assam,forming almost a second of the population.Most Muslims in Assam are Bengali origin,but there are indigenous Assamese Muslims too those are called Maria & Goria.
1.History of Assamese Muslim:-
The history of the indigenous Muslims of Assam is a long one,though many details are obscure, especially for the Assamese Muslims.A Brahmin priest from Kamrup(near the geographical middle of Assam)was reported to have embraced Islam around the 13th century.He wrote and presented a book of tantric(mystical)practices called the "Pool of Nectar",which was translated into Arabic,Persian and Turkish.Through this many yogic practices entered into Islamic mysticism throughout south,central and even west Asia. Later in the 16th century,an Islamic saint is said to have come to preach Islam in the area. This Muslim saint's tomb and the mosque which adjoins it is known as Pao Mecca,or'One-Fourth of Mecca',as it is reputed to have a quarter of the sanctity of Mecca itself.
2.Geo Location of Assamese Muslim:-
Integration of the Assamese Muslims,India
It is likely that the Assamese Muslims,who are found primarily in the northeastern parts of the state,are descended particularly from those who embraced Islam during this earlier period. The Assamese Muslims are well integrated with the rest of Assamese society.Proud of their language and culture,Assamese Muslims have often been in positions of influence within the society of Assam and even India,one of their most famous individuals was Fakharuddin Ali Ahmed,President of the Indian Republic from Assam.
4.Pious ness of Assamese Muslim:-

Ironically,the only complete translation of the Qur'an into Assamese has been done by an Islamic sect considered heretical by most Muslims,this translation has been rejected by most Assamese Muslims.A translation of the Bible using religious terminology familiar to Assamese Muslims has not yet been published. Many Assamese Muslims are involved in folk customs,mixing local animistic beliefs in with their practice of Islam.
5.MIA Assamese Muslim:-
Another sect of Muslim are the East Bengal rooted people called Mia Muslim those are living in Assam before the India was divided. But our fore father had come here directly sponsored by the Government Of Assam(then). Assam was a single state of India in Interior North East.There were few people to cultivate there the Government(then)patronized our fore father to come Assam from East Bengal(then).We are the fourth or fifth generation of our Mia community in Assam.They have accepted all the culture of Assam but unfortunately we are till date lebellized as illegal immigrant,Bangladeshi,many other surname.The poor people has no time to think about other things except food,shelter and cloths.Few people of Mia community has over come the life struggle and they have established in society as a human being.The Mia people(50%)are living with out food and shelter till date.So there was none to think about this poor community of Assam. Although MIA's are the impotant part of the greater Assamese community but a few intellectual and politician(self styled guardians of Assamese)are neglected them and trying to separate them from greater Assamese community.They can not want to think this that MIA's are also a part in formation of greater  Assamese community.

The Holy Quran says that FOLLOW THE RULE OF NATION IS THE ORDER OF ALLAH[Hibbul watane Iman].So the pious Mia people normally accepted the customs of greater Assamese Community and they feel proud to be called an Assamese.

1.30 days prayer network
2.POLITICS OF INFILTRATION-A Threat to Socio-cultural Identity of Assam ? by R.Upadhyay



  1. Quite surprisingly I came across this post. I am from East Bengal (or Bangladesh for that matter) and have long heard about the plight of the East Bengal rooted people (the majority of whom happens to be Muslim) in Assam but knew very little of what was actually happening on the ground. They are typically fourth to fifth generation Assamese/Indian and has nothing to do with Bangladesh except for their ancestral roots. Then again, India used to be one country and people from one place moved to another place during that period as INDIANS. It does not make any sense why someone should be associated with Bangladesh when Bangladesh did not even exist when their ancestors moved to Assam as an Indian to cultivate this barren land. Many of those early pioneers died from bouts of malaria and snake bites in the unknown hostile land in their efforts to cultivate it. One of my maternal grand father was one of thos who went to Assam during the British period but came back shortly afterward in fear of mosquito, snakes and malaria. Apparently many things seem to happen in unhealthy politics which otherwise does not make any sense. The best interest of all Assamese (Bengali origin and other Assamese) is to live together and work hand in hand for the better future of themselves and the nation. No matter what some Assamese people thinks about it, it is just not possible to correct or revise the history! Attempts to revise or reverse the course of history almost always had disastrous consequences. Let all of them integrate and work as one body for common betterment. Assamese are not too far off from Bengalis by the way. The languages are so close and so similar!

  2. This is as usual total fabrication of truth. The land grab and sense of entitlement among Muslims is just astounding. It is just unbelievably naive of Muslims to think that after having rioted and killed their fellow country men in the riots before Partition of British India Muslims still expect rights in India.

    Firstly Muslims then must have realized they have lost any right to be in India because they are were traitors and unwanted in India when they kept quiet through the Muslim instigated riots and Partition happened. In the obvious reality after Partition, Muslims were, and are still seen as traitors, because they ask for special rights, special provisions. You cannot be a person owing allegiance to some 7th century warlord in Arabia and claim Indianness. Indian subcontinent and Arabia are not culturally similar in any meaningful way. If what they say about being real Indians, where is their protest when bad politicians gives them "special status" in India in spite of it being a balm without any real benefit to them ? Why were/are Muslims on the streets to protest "Islam in danger" and kil, burn and riot but have no necessity to protest unequal conditions like special status in law ? If you have special conditions for yourself then you are no longer equal and deserve the treatment you get. I am yet to see a protest by Muslims in India asking for equal rights as non-Muslims under a Uniform Civil Code. They are themselves to blame for their own situation. Most Muslims agreed (either by active action or by keeping quiet) to the Partition, they should be in Pakistan/Bangladesh. You cannot owe allegiance to Pakistan/Bangladesh/Arabia and stay in India. This is typical Muslim supremacist / communalist thinking that they can stay in India, and owe allegiance elsewhere. It won't be tolerated by the Hindus. The days of Islamic rule are over in India. Muslims will have to choose between Indianness and Islam. The relative better state of India vis-a-vis (violence, social mobility etc) Pakistan/Bangladesh is because of Hindus' relative flexibility, not orthodoxy of Islam. Real Islam is out there for all to see in the Arab countries like Yemen, Saudi, Oman - a bunch of violent, tribalist, intolerant, murderous people. If Indians who gave up better philosophies to become Muslims consider owing allegiance to that so-called prophet and consider a looter, murderer, rapist as a role model then they have no place in India. Period.

    No one has problems with monotheism, but a community which worships an immoral 7th century character and expects others to kowtow to their sense of "superiority" and give them space are living in fool's paradise. It has happened else where, and will happen in India. Bangladesh and Pakistan are already failed states, the rest of non-Muslim India will move on, and Muslims will remain poor, uneducated and open to abuse by politicians (their own and others) unless they give up practicing Islam. Islam is an immoral death cult, a cursory reading of Quran makes that apparent. It is either Islam or a progressive life for Muslims. The non-Muslim world is moving towards forcing this issue. If the subcontinent's converted Muslims want to choose life, they better give up Islam.

  3. Fakaruddin Ali Ahmed war originally from UP, though represented Barpeta LS Constituency, Minister of Assam could not speak Assamise like Assamese ( His pronunciation was hindi speaking Assamese )


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