Friday, 2 March 2012

Indian Muslims Problems & Islamic Brotherhood In India : A Study Of Close View Circuit

The word Muslim brotherhood,Islamic solidarity or pan-Islamism are all rooted to the Quranic concept of the word'Umma',which originally meant community but later referred to the followers of Prophet Mohammed in his"Last Pilgrimage"address the Prophet said,"Oh ye people,a Muslim is another Muslim's brother and thus all Muslims are brothers among themselves" [The Muslim Dilemma by M.R.A.Baig,1974,Page 12]
Religious brotherhood and solidarity in the Muslim community are therefore,the main pillars of Pan-Islamism.This spiritual message of seventh century had anobjective to create an egalitarian society among the warring Arab tribes but the Islamic history of thirteen centuries contradicted it as the Muslim society remained divided due to political and material reasons.The Indian Muslims however,carried forward the legacy of Islamic invaders,who used this concept of Muslim brotherhood to keep the new Islamic recruits socially separated from the Hindus obviously with a political design. The slogan of Muslim brotherhoodremained the main weapon for the political fight of Muslims even in post-partition India.The social elite of Muslim society also exploited the spiritual concept of Islamic brotherhood only to expand the autonomous space for Muslim politics in the country.Keeping the Muslim masses ignorant of the realities of modern age,their leaders continue to arouse the sentiments of internal religious unity for maintaining a distinct communal identity.What exactly was the concept of Muslimbrotherhood meant in a larger space of democracy always remained an unanswered question.Against whom they want communal solidarity is a big question mark for the Muslim thinkers.By raising the cry of religious identity they in fact callously neglected the assimilation of their community members in the national mainstream and kept alive the communal divide in the country.They performed the ritual of Islamic brotherhood at an opportune time only to unite the uneducated masses for their political ends.This was the root cause behind Muslim separatism.Indian society was always liberal in the matter of faith as it believed in unity of God.Traditionally,the Indian majority had nothing against Islam. But the vast majority of Indian society rejected the Islamic recruits as alien cultural group,when the Islamic clerics accompanying the Muslim i nvaders propagated Arabicism as synonym to Islam and thereby moulded the new recruits of their religion in a character,which was completely different from the locals. In the new environment the Indian Muslims developed a sense of superiority complex and they maintained exclusiveness towards the indigenous community.Their political masters gradually succeeded in creating a new ethnic group and separated it from the original inhabitants.The stress on the distinctive cultural identity of the Muslims was in fact a political ploy to separate the followers of Islam from the Hindu majority.Instead of using the spirit of religious brotherhood to secure a permanent communal harmony in the country they used this spiritual concept only for separating the Muslims permanently from the Hindus.

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