Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Mia Muslim in Assam are they second class citizen of India ?

Recent Assam Legislative Assembly has shown a real Image of the Muslim citizens in Assam and proves that Muslims are the second class citizen of Assam.There is clear discrimination in compensation amount given to victims of erosion in Upper Assam and Lower Assam either Muslim or others and Government is going to Give compensation to the affected families.But is seen that each affected family of Upper Assam gets Rs 25,000 and half bigha agricultural land while victims of the same tragedy in Lower Assam(which is dominated by Muslims)gets Rs 5,000 and two bundles of tins.Assam Assembly has observed that when this issue is raised by the All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF)mebers in house then the Speaker Pranab Gogoi used some unpleasant words(KAURI=crow)against the members.Enraged by some un parliamentary remarks of the Speaker in Assam Assembly on Tuesday,the All India United Democratic Front(AIUDF),the main opposition party,first walked out of the house and then announced to boycott the session until the Speaker expunged the‘unparliamentary’remarks from the records of the proceeding.
Along with AIUDF,Members of BJP and AGP also walked out of the house.Unsatisfied with the reply from Irrigation Minister Ardhendu Kumey Dey,members of AIDUF stormed the well of the house shouting slogans.At this the Speaker made some remarks, which Sirajuddin Ajmal,opposition leader and floor leader of AIUDF,said are highly objectionable and they must be withdrawn.Shiraj Uddin Ajmal said that he has decided that his party MLAs will boycott the session until the remarks are not withdrawn.“We will not attend the assembly until the remarks are expunged from the records of the house proceedings,” said Ajmal,brother of Maulana Badruddin Ajmal, MP and chief of AIUDF.He said till evening he has not got any call from the Speaker’s office to resolve the issue.
This is our independent India and source of equality.While same affected gets Rs 25000/ on the other hand another gets only Rs 5000/ because affected is identified as Muslim.When some legislators protest it then they are called wild ones.But it is good news for us that some of well known intellectuals support the move of opposition agitation. 


  1. it is again proved that congress is as much as communal as bjp .

  2. same thing happened with the nellie massacre's 1983 victims . The victim got only rs. 5000 where as after a year in 1984 the sikh victim got rs. 700000 each .


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