Saturday, 25 February 2012

Assam Agitation & Bodoland genocide on Mia Muslim In Assam :A review of Lost & Gains

The East Bengal Rooted Muslims are living in Assam from the firstdecade of 19th centaury as they were brought to Assam on the patronized by the Assam Government for better cultivation in wet land.The Government had thought that it would be increased more agricultural production in Assam and the idea was proved 100 per cent right.The agricultural production was increased up to 200 percent.As the time is going east Bengal rooted people are normally illiterate so their families were going large to larger as they did not what was family planning.It in motioned that these hard working MIA Muslims had has bad nature of bigamy so they had have lots of children .This joint nature had increased their population 100 times with in a few decades in their staying in Assam.This is the root cause of their spread ness all over the Assam including the tribal and hills area.
Normally the Brahamaputra valley population is increased due to their migration to Lower Assam to upper Assam and this was the root cause of 6 years Assam Agitation which was ended with Assam Accord.Another major set back was started by the tribal Bodo people genocide cleaning of non Bodo people from tribal area either upper Assam or lower Assam.What the Assamese people or Bodo people gained or lost is not our discussable matter but we will discuss what the MIA/East Bengal rooted/illiterate poor people lost in these agitation against them.
Firstly we will see what the Mia people lost:-
i]Mia people has lost one third (1/3) lives of their total population.(eg. Nally,Gohpur, Kamrup,Lakhimpur mass killing etc) 
ii)The Mia people have lost their tradition mother tongue.
iii)Survived whole Mia community is labeled as foreigners or Bangladeshi by the right wings intellectuals of Assam.
iv)The poor Mia community had has to stop migrate other parts for Assam for their bread and butter.
v)The Mia community has lost the trust ruling government which was promised to save their lives.
On the other hand the Mia people has gain some positive things for these major agitations.I will going to give a splash of those :-
i)The Community has started to open more more school,colleges from primary to Graduation in their owndominate areas.
ii)They had learnt the life style how to survive in a civilized society .
iii)The Mia community had has learned to process of gain political power .
iv)The Mia community has learnt the civilized languages of protest in favor of their rights.
v)A major portion of the people had has left their traditional profession and try their luck in other profession like business,Government service and many more.
The Mia Community(East Bengal rooted)Muslim are going developing day by day and the present scenario shows that they are not wait rehabilitation settlement.They are now doing their one way how to survive with other indigenous(self styled) Assamese people.As they have already learnt it that no country will accept them as their citizen except India.So they started struggling with the boundary of Indian Constitution.

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