Saturday, 25 February 2012

Modern Education in Islamic Madrassa and Youth Generation Indian Muslim Community

Muslim means those who follow the religious rule of Hazrat Mahammad founded Islam and the Holy Qu'ran but now in this days the meaning has changed in various parts of the world.Particularly in western world maximum US allies thinks that Muslims are extremists but why this ?
we are going to the description of this thoughts and ground reality of this wrong notion.Now that a modern educatedmiddle class is emerging among Muslims,it is acutely conscious of this reality and would not sit back with folded hands and watch the situation helplessly.Though yet,it is not as influential as the traditional ulama but it cannot be marginalized either.It is articulate and is becoming active.It is,what is more interesting, challenging the traditional religious leadership even on religious issue.And if modernizations of madrasas,as some middle class Muslims are demanding,goes through it will have far greater impact on Muslim politics and voting behaviour in India.On one hand we have process of globalization and liberalization which tries to marginalize the poor and the weak which include Muslims who are at the bottom.But,and it is important to note, it also increases awareness of their rights through use of modern technology and makes them better organized political force.Even madrasas these days are using modern technology like computers,creating their websites and discussions are raging on various minority issues which tremendously boosts not only information but also politicalawareness. Many madrasa graduates are now opting for university courses and imbibing values of modern secular education developing better outlook on democratic and political rights.Thus our attitude towards minority problems has to change.Indian Muslims have all the advantages of secular democratic culture and cannot be manipulated by traditional religious leaders as in most of the Islamic countries.To the contrary,traditional Muslim leadership can no longer take Muslims for granted.Though India has more Muslims than even in Pakistan yet religious orthodoxy and sectarianism is not as strong as in Pakistan.
Islam,in India,has very different image and Muslims are not involved in any international terroristic activities.In India the Jamiat al-Ulama-i-Hind organized,among Muslims,huge demonstrations against terroristic attacks and even Jamat-e-Islami-Hind also had to accept secular values and is now even thinking of joining democratic political processes which its founder once had declared haram in Islam.Thus,if secular forces realize involvement of and all inclusive approach to political and developmental processes it would tremendously boost India progress.Muslims,like others,can provide great human resources which still lie dormant because of poverty and illiteracy and exclusivistic policies.
Article source:Azgar Ali Engineer

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  1. ts very informative and interesting and useful for higher education students.Please add some more details with the posts .If you add some more information it will be useful to research work too


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